My 34c3 visit

By Mirko Quarg | 04.01.2018


I was at the Chaos Communication Conference of the Chaos Computer Club (like the last years ). This year it was the 34C3. For the first time it took place at Messe Leipzig. Home game! For those who are bored between the holidays, from 27.12. - 30.12 every year this conference offers a variety of opportunities for education and networking. Whole families including children are at the conference, not only nerds locked in cellars with pizza and coke in front of the computer there. Hackerspace

The conference offered talks and workshops where we got hands-on experiences by using the soldering iron.

The conference is the largest non-commercial hacker conference worldwide, with estimated 15,000 attendees, They discussing topics from Security, Art & Culture, Ethics, Society & Politics, Science to Resilience.

My favorites talks are

Most of the lectures were recorded and can be viewed at

I am looking forward to the 35c3 in 2018.